Interactive Education Module

Innovation 101 is a unique and dynamic online education module that uses oral history interviews and assets of the Henry Ford's OnInnovation resource for active teaching and learning.


This five-day unit allows you to explore the various traits and processes used by innovators, past and present. At the conclusion, participants will be inspired to apply the core principles of innovation to their own lives.

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Lesson Plans

Lesson One: What is Innovation?

Help participants critically think on the needs that precede any innovation. Why is innovation necessary in our lives and the world around us?

Total Time: 45 minutes

Lesson Two: Traits of an Innovator

Are there commonalities or congruencies between innovators? Do legendary and current-day innovators share common traits? Are these traits important for success in life?

Total Time: 45 minutes

Lesson Three: Process of Innovation

Is there one set process that all innovators use to innovate? What is the relation between the process of innovation and design-thinking? How are Invention, Innovation and Discovery similar, yet different?

Total Time: 45 minutes

Lesson Four: Keys to Innovation

Can an innovative mindset be cultivated and practiced? What can we learn from some of the role model innovators?

Total Time: 45 minutes

Lesson Five: Innovation, Intellectual Property Rights and More

Is it important to protect innovation? How can we be protective of our innovative ideas yet ignite others to learn and expand from the same?

Total Time: 45 minutes

Post-Unit Student Activities

Continue to engage students with post-unit opportunities.

Total Time: Post-Unit

Innovation and National Curriculum/Standards Alignment

Learn how Innovation 101 can augment curriculum in 21st Century Skills, Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts, Social Studies, STEM, English and CTE (Career and Technical Education) with your purchase of the hard copy of Innovation 101 Curriculum with DVD.