Revolutions Then and Now
The Wright Brothers, shared by Bob Casey
Filmed September 2011

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Well, it wasn't all happening in America. Remember the French were only a little bit of ways behind the Wright brothers in aviation. The Germans and the French invented automobiles.

Marconi who was developing wireless telegraphy, he was Italian. And he did a lot of his work in England.

So, we were not the only place where this was going on. In the industrialized world, the Western world, a lot was happening, especially technological.

You think that's happening again now or it's going to happen? What's your take on the future?

Oh God, ask a historian about the future he gets all itchy.

I mean, aren't those opportunities still here or…?

Well, it can be hard when you're in the midst of something to understand quite what's going on.

But, we have in the past twenty years seen revolutions that are as consequential as some of the things that happened in the early 20th century.

The advent of the personal computer and the Internet, and when the personal computer came out nobody envisioned the Internet.

But the Internet, wireless devices, wireless communications, we're still figuring out what that's doing. Some people arguing it's changing the very way we think.

And so it's a time of, and maybe the ferment is more concentrated, but the ramifications of that go well beyond people who build wireless devices or chips.

Because the ramifications just ripple through, not only economies, all across the world, across our lives.

You've got whole developing countries that are never going to have a wired telephone network. 'Cause it's all wireless now. They're gonna vault right over a whole development of technology.

And when somebody in Bangladesh has a cell phone who can say what the ramifications of that are gonna be in fifteen years?

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